It’s official ….and by ‘official’ I mean I changed my linkedin profile to “artist”. Doesn’t get more official nowadays.

I went to school for graphic design somewhere around 1989 (ish) with the grand desire to attend Cal Arts Institute. Before I applied (which I’m sure I never would have been accepted), I found a great job with all the cool computers and latest graphic design software I could get my greedy little hands on. I never looked back. That was my only ‘real’ gig. It was only a year later that I started my life as a tech entrepreneur. It’s really not that big of a difference. Both paths require the desire to create something from a blank piece of paper. Graphic design and the arts was put on the back-burner. Five startups later and it’s time to go back to where I started.

It’s daunting, scary, and exciting to attempt a reinvention. I never thought I would actually find myself filling out a form and answering the question about profession with the term ‘artist’.

Goals? Learn, grow, raise some money for the causes my wife and I believe in and hopefully make a few people smile along the way.

I have always felt a tremendous drive to create something new and fix what is broken. I thought that was the only place where my motivation came from. As an introvert (like many artists I know), what I didn’t realize is how much of it is about creating a connection with like-minded people.

“This is something I crave, that moment where I can connect with someone,” Dominique Crenn

Now …back to slapping some oil on canvas.